Four crucial steps to successful onboarding

Is your company staffing up? Then it's time to review your onboarding process. The introduction is an excellent opportunity to convey a good impression of your business, so ensure you make the best of it.

Are you cutting costs or creating bottlenecks?

Almost all handovers between people in different roles, teams or functions are prone to become bottlenecks. And the worst offenders are usually situations when the team is dependant upon a centralized group of people in the company.

The dark side of devotion

In many of the projects I've worked on, there's been a skilled and respected developer that knows close to everything there is to know about the project. The original requirements, the twists and turns along the way, and every in and out of the code base.

How to bridge the gap between Maker's and Manager's Schedule in four steps

Meetings, in general, can be a real productivity killer for developers, especially when they are scheduled in the late morning or mid-afternoon.

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