Hacking "Jack of all trades, master of none"

Today, developer competencies are being more and more commoditized, and while methodologies like Scrum talks about T-shaped people, employers tend to favor specialists over generalists. Given this, it is probably a pretty bad idea to come out as a Jack of all trades. But, nonetheless, that's what I am about to do.

The things no one tells you about personal side projects

Personal side projects are a great learning opportunity, but what about the challenges? The biggest problem with any serious side project is finding time to work on it. Given that you have a day job, there is a hard limit on the number of hours you have at your disposal. Throw a partner, kids and other commitments into the mix and the available time shrinks even more.

How to bridge the gap between Maker's and Manager's Schedule in four steps

Meetings, in general, can be a real productivity killer for developers, especially when they are scheduled in the late morning or mid-afternoon. And having one of each on the same day can totally derail your flow and leaves you with a feeling of having accomplished nothing that day.

Thinking in writing

If you want to be truly productive you must be able to focus 100% on what you are doing. If the task at hand is perceived as fun and/or interesting, that shouldn't be too hard; you will probably just do it. But what about things you don't feel like doing? And productivity aside - are you really focusing on the right things?